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London Heathrow - On my way home

During this trip I again came to the brutal realisation I don't feel at home anywhere, yet I don't really feel not at home either. Anyhow I am looking forward to the time when SF will actually feel like home.

Yesterday I went back to the Lexington, I managed to meet Megan in the Tube which is the only thing I saw of her, and say hi to the concierges who all fondly remember me, and since I gave them the best concierge chair ever will always remember me. They asked me when I'll buy something in the building and come back!

Since London was fairly warm, me and Brad walked down to the Tate Modern and had dinner in the restaurant, yikes London is expense! 120 bucks for two people with barely no wine, 35 dollars for a main! After that we lounged a bit in the Tates member room while I sorted out some charity tax issues. We decided to visit the Henri Rousseau Exhibition which was quite interesting, but not really my favourite type of modern art...

Then home for a long talk about the future, inclusive a preliminary plan for being in South Africa next christmas, and to bed at 2, woke up at 6.50 for a cab to Heathrow and to go 'home'.
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