Artur Bergman (crucially) wrote,
Artur Bergman

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05:07 <sky> or are you handwriting this
05:08 <Obra-Win> painful with a pen
05:08 <Obra-Win> handwriting
05:08 <sky> :(
05:10 <Obra-Win> It's OK I canspeak to the computer and it will take my words and write them .
05:10 <Obra-Win> It's not a perfect but not too bad .
05:10 <sky> that is awesome
05:10 <Obra-Win> With more training that might be able to use this reasonably well .
05:10 <sky> voice irc
05:10 <sky> or you could just call me :D
05:12 <Obra-Win> It doesn't know the word that hash Perl loves
05:12 <Obra-Win> h(aGh
05:13 <sky> hash Perl loves
05:13 <sky> <3
05:13 <Obra-Win> grin
05:13 <sky> you are quite a poet

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