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In Stockholm

So I arrived in Stockholm after 22 hours of flying


Notice the CUK-BZE trip, was on a Caravan (I think) and lasted 7 minutes.

Quite badly, my flight from Belize to Miami was delayed 90 minutes, leaving me with around 70 minutes in Miami. Despite arriving like 5 gates away from the lovely G-VHOT Virgin Atlantic 747, I had to run through Miami International and clear immigration and customs. After passing through the first guy in the emergency queue I got a second check a little bit down the line.

> Where you going
< Transferring to VS6 to London Heathrow
> Why did you put down an adress in San Francisco
< I live there
*officer tenses up, coughs and looks strictly at me, I thought he would pull a gun or jump on me*
< I got an O1
*officer relaxes slightly*
> oh, you like a famous singer or something
< nah, I am one of the worlds best hackers *in the most nonchalant tired distracted voice I have, I realised afterwards*
* huge grin on officers face *
> airight man, glad to have you here and have a good flight to London

Now in retrospect, saying "hacker" to a immigration officer was probably not the wisest of moves, but it worked..

Then I ran out, my luggage was checked all the way through so I didn't have to wait for it, and found directions to the ticket desk where I there were some people arguing about checkin being closed. I just walked out handed the agent my ticket, passport and gold card and said that my luggage was checked through and I had to make the flight. She started telling me that the flight was closed, saw my gold card and started checking me in at once! Awesome, this was with 45 minutes before takeoff, or 15 minutes after the official deadline.

I then asked for an upgrade, but was told due to catering restrictions there were none available, however she could seat me anywhere in premium economy I wanted. Since PE was full with me included, that pretty much meant booting someone out of the emergency exit seat upstairs (70A). I then ran off to security, realised she failed to give me my passport, ran back, got passport, ran back to security straight through and on to boarding.

So I made it, my luggage didn't.

Then fairly bumpy but uneventful flights to London and Stockholm, I shall post full trip reports soon.

Stockholm is 31F right now, and all I have is tropical sandals and linen clothing, awesome.

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