November 15th, 2005


Working for Six Apart

So I arrived in the US after quite a long wait on the 3rd of November to join up with Six Apart here in San Francisco. Despite my lack of any formal education, they managed to get me a O1 Alien of Extraordinary Ability visa, I assume this is the same kind of visa that Teal'c in Stargate SG:1 has.

A lot of people helped me get my visa and fullfil my desire to move to sunny San Francisco. Thanks go to Larry Wall, Damian Conway, Nathan Torkington, Nicholas Clark and Allison Randal who all went to bat for me and wrote glowing letters of support. It was all assembled by my lawyer Jeptha Evans who managed somehow to take my case and write something that convinced the USCIS that I deserve to be in the US.

I have for the last couple of years been working for Fotango, and I also want to thank them for providing me references and letter of support, and for the years we had together. I hope London treats you well.

The job I have taken on is Engineering Manager for LJ, so I hope I can join the amazing hackers that work here and make the site kickass even more.
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10 Days in the US

So I just spent 2 hours at the bank today. I decided to give HSBC a try since I have other accounts with them on other continents, and I am not sure if this was a good idea.

The main problem is that their computer system refused them to enter me as a customer, because clearly the type of person in my position does not exist. I lacked a social security number and a foreign address. For two months before moving here I was a person with no fixed abode, I quickly came to realise that there is a special industry that services us, and amusingly HSBC does do that too for an extra fee.

However, that didn't work here, and in the end required the head of the office to enter some magic code to tell the computer to shut up and accept the input. The redeeming factor here was that they were very accepting, sadly the computer was not. They did however waive the proof of address needed for the time being so I can now get my leased fixed without a problem.

Other than that moving to the US was much more void of friction than moving to the UK. I have an apartment set up, bank account cleared and credit cards in process of being transfered in less than two weeks.

Tomorrow I am going to try and get a social security number, that is going to be fun!
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Geek in search of culture

I need a regular dose of culture so I am going to the San Francisco Opera to see The Force of Destiny by Giuseppe Verdi and another night to see Fidelio by Beethoven.

If anyone wants to go, drop me an email or IM or comment. There will be at least some champagne involved.
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Evening sashimi

This evening I went off and had dinner with my roommate to be Richard, we decided to walk in the nice warm evening weather to Akiko Sushi Bar on 542 Mason. It had some really nice toro and some tasty spicy tuna rolls, so I am currently feeling really good.

We were discussing spam, x10, projectors and how to kit out the apartment really cool. Thankfully the Apple store was closed on the way back so I couldn't buy a iPod.
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