December 27th, 2005


Trip report BA284 SFO-LHR and BA780 LHR-ARN 23-24th December

There is something deeply reassuring and relaxing about flying for me, from the time I start packing to the arrival at the other end, my life is on a set schedule with a specific rhythm to it. I was pretty excited about this flight as it's been close to two months since I last flew, it was my birthday the next day and I was hoping to try BA FiRST. On top of that work and life have been quite stressful (in a good way) the last couple of weeks and I was looking forward to just plainly getting away.

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All in all a really comfortable flight, I was able to stay up for quite a while that night despite 16 hours of travelling. Waking up on your birthday onboard an aircraft also felt quite compelling, and non of the stresses of christmas affected me. The only real bummer was that the Remy Martin I bought onboard had been opened and drunk from already! Some cabin crew that had been bored!?!

Would I pay to fly BA F instead of J, no, the difference isn't big enough, and compared to VS the only thing that is better is the food & wine selection, and with the recent change to LP for VS bubbly, I think VS wins on the champagne.