April 29th, 2006


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Yesterday I was playing werewolf at Zachs place with a bunch of other players under the leadership of Jane.

This might have been the brightest of ideas because after 3 hours of sleep it was very hard to go to the airport, 2 hours of sleep on the plane were like magic.

So yeah, flight to Seattle on United to attend Mindcamp with revmischa. It is a surprising amount of people from Amazon and Microsoft, and I know a disturbingly small amount of people here. Though a surprisingly large amount of people know lisa and matthew.

Mindcamp update

First session I went to was a session on search engine optimisation, that was quite interesting and eye opening, enough said.

Second I went to a session on Mobile Social Networks, it was interesting with a cool demo from Microsoft people. To get around the carrier location limits they had gone wardriving around Seattle recording GPS locations and cell phone tower strengths, the same kind of stuff as crschmidt has been doing in Boston. A brief discussion about bluetooth friending resulted in people asking us to allow users to record their own bluetooth ids as part of their profiles. Conclusion of the discussion was that carriers still suck.

Then I went to a RFID talk, with a guy who had two RFIDs implanted in his body, there are quite interesting security implications with RFID today, but I totally want to start tagging/spiming my environment, as soon as I move to the new place I shall start investigating this.

Then there was a session by H B Siegel about scanning, storing, searching and shredding all the paper he has. Kind of similar to what brad has been doing. That together with the paper RFID tags could be totally awesome.

Hallway discussions have been good, met some cool people from Motorola, Bill Monk, Microsoft and Google.

Now I am watching a borg acting in front of a camera.

Soooo tired.