July 13th, 2006



Yesterday I hosted together with jane a werewolf event where we tested scoring systems, it was 3 nice games even though I did let the last game go on maybe a little long in the beginning. Some excellent werewolf skills were displayed, including a really good logic deduction followed by a really good speech convincing everyone he was correct by Simon W.

The overall winner of the night was Tom who played through pretty strongly.

I must say daveman692, worst username ever, did a pretty good job at first as a werewolf but then managed to go into angry David mode and spew out one of the most impressive twisted pieces of logic I've heard in a long time, I suspect that is what happens after you willingly attend mashup-camp. And big props to Kelsey for attempting the I am a seer lie when I am really a werewolf, even though it failed (and it often does) it was good to see a new player try it so early in their gaming career.

Thanks to everyone who showed up!

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So I am off to Portland on Friday night, then Stockholm on Sunday arriving on Monday. A full week in Stockholm and then a flight back to Portland next Sunday and back down to San Francisco on Friday the 28th.

I am really stressed out, haven't packed, got shitload of stuff to do, but I am looking forward to the two weddings and the quite 20 hours of flying time where I know I can relax.

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I need a packing service:

Imagine that 4 days before a trip, a master packer would come by, ask you a set of questions to determine how long the trip, its purpose, your plans. They would then go through your wardrobe, make sure everything needed is sent of to cleaning. Then they would come just before your trip and quickly and efficiently pack everything for you according to some general system.

Then when you arrive at your destination, by following this system the hotel staff could unpack stuff for you, then when you are about to leave repack it and send you on your way. At the end of the trip, the packer would be back to unpack everything, get it cleaned and then back in your wardrobe.

Seriously, packing is the biggest stress I have with traveling!