October 8th, 2006


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So today I am trying to do something with my uncles opera database, it lived in a couple of compact pro files, turns out nothing can actually assemble compact pro files except compact pro. So thanks to Richard who had an old mac around I managed to get the csv file on to my mac.

Now I am dealing with encoding issue, thankfully I torgo_x managed to figure out that \237 meaning ü was an MacASCII/MacRoman format, he also provided this little link http://interglacial.com/~sburke/pub/mac_old/ampify_8-bit_clipboard.pl

Now on to making sense of this data...


And because perl is wonderful, http://search.cpan.org/~dankogai/Encode-2.18/Byte/Byte.pm supports MacRoman.. all I needed was my $line = encode('utf-8', decode("MacRoman", $_)); and now it just works.

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Opera: Rigelotto

House: San Francisco Opera

Conductor: Stephen Lord

Director: Harry Silverstien

Singers: Paolo Gavanelli as Rigoletto, Mary Dunleavy as Gilda, Giuseppe Gipali as the Duke and Greer Grimsley as Monterone.

Second opera of the season, the first one I actually got to see with erinearl, and what a fantastic delightful affair it was. The setting is modelled like an abstract painting, the costumes are painfully old style like most Americans opera productions are, but the mix worked out really well (apart from the oddity of the naked women on stage in act 1). It was joyful to watch and fantastic to listen to.

Mary Dunleavy as Gilda was fantastic despite the two rather bad misses (bad as in I heard them and cringed, but I have no idea who else heard them apart from me and erinearl), her voice just did not go high enough. I guess credit to her for trying since a lot of singers would just skip and it didn't seem to affect her confidence afterwards very much.

There where a few moments where I had my doubt on the interaction between the condutor/orchestra and actors, but they pulled together and delivered, I think partly helped by a really good choir.

Never seen an opera before in San Francisco? Go see Rigoletto and enjoy.