Artur Bergman (crucially) wrote,
Artur Bergman


Yesterday I hosted together with jane a werewolf event where we tested scoring systems, it was 3 nice games even though I did let the last game go on maybe a little long in the beginning. Some excellent werewolf skills were displayed, including a really good logic deduction followed by a really good speech convincing everyone he was correct by Simon W.

The overall winner of the night was Tom who played through pretty strongly.

I must say daveman692, worst username ever, did a pretty good job at first as a werewolf but then managed to go into angry David mode and spew out one of the most impressive twisted pieces of logic I've heard in a long time, I suspect that is what happens after you willingly attend mashup-camp. And big props to Kelsey for attempting the I am a seer lie when I am really a werewolf, even though it failed (and it often does) it was good to see a new player try it so early in their gaming career.

Thanks to everyone who showed up!
Tags: werewolf

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