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Artur Bergman

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Posted using LJTalk... [Jul. 13th, 2006|09:55 am]
Artur Bergman
So I am off to Portland on Friday night, then Stockholm on Sunday arriving on Monday. A full week in Stockholm and then a flight back to Portland next Sunday and back down to San Francisco on Friday the 28th.

I am really stressed out, haven't packed, got shitload of stuff to do, but I am looking forward to the two weddings and the quite 20 hours of flying time where I know I can relax.

[User Picture]From: keltickolor
2006-07-14 01:06 am (UTC)
Portland, Oregon?

That's such a neat city, right near my hometown (sort of). If you're eating there, try Jake's Seafood for a nice treat, or if you're feeling brave, Marrakesh. It's vaguely labelled as "mediterranean" food, and for some price-per-person you get more food than you'd believe. I highly reccomend it. Or for spirits try any of the McMenamins in that area.
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[User Picture]From: frobisher
2006-07-14 07:12 pm (UTC)
/me does math

Ok, so I *will* see you in portland...
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