Artur Bergman (crucially) wrote,
Artur Bergman

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Cooking, unpacking and opera.


In an effort to stop feeling like I am on a working holiday (still living in my suitcases, always eating out, sleeping on an air mattress), coinciding with me getting access to my room after Ology moved out, I decided to cook.

I just took some of the few stuffs we have a home, this is a true bachelor pad, and fried up some buffalo beef mince in some Rémy Martin V.S.O.P with some veggies and spices. Served it to myself with some scrambled egg, but I noticed too late that the butter was unsalted, tragedy!

However, there was success, I am now feeling more real, mostly due to the fact I have to clean up, and considerably less hungry.

Off to the opera now, to see The Force of Destiny

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