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Morning meal and opera recap

Had breakfast with bulknews at Java House which is just by the water next to Ballpark off Embacadero. It was sunny and lovely and we discussed lots of geeky things. I am really hoping that YAPC::Asia happens in Tokyo next year and that I can go.

Yesterday at the Opera was fabulous, it was pure joy to listen to, and watch, conductor Nicola Luisotti. The prelude was one of the most beautiful performances I have ever heard, and it really looked and sounded like magic.

Since this is the first time I have seen Forces of Destiny I cannot really compare or judge it fairly, but it does seem to me that Vladimir Kuzmenko as Don Alvaro was just a little bit, too loud. I also sometimes have a hard time with chorus scenes, but they were executed very well and I really liked the war scene, some pretty good staging there.

Now I am off to see Fidelio.
Tags: food, friends, opera

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