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I decided I need to geek out a bit and solve my spam problem, so following the lead I decided to use the most badly named mail server in the world, qpsmtpd, no vowels at all, try saying that!

It is nifty, it is written in perl, has plugins, can run in non forking mode and is developed by my friend Ask Bjorn Hansen to handle the email load for (and I want to run it on a separate server and forward the email to the right server, since I am hosting a bunch of domains and they go to different servers and I need to write a plugin to do that.

Looking through that it seems pretty easy, so I shall be hacking on that tomorrow, in the meantime it works for my basic setup with one domain.

One weird thing with my install, I used the Debian testing package (but in Debian stable) which worked fine except that the log file was root.adm and the server was running as qpsmtpd, so when it tried to deliver an email it couldn't log it, so it then tried to log that it couldn't log it, which failed and it tried to log that, recursive to the point of bringing my server to it's knees. A quick strace -fF and a chmod I fixed that problem. (And bug reported to debian, I would include the link here but it says it is up to an hour until I get a response, so fuck that, I want to sleep).

Now I am going to sleep in my new awesome bed.


The url to the bug report is
Tags: geek, hacking, mail, perl, spam

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