Artur Bergman (crucially) wrote,
Artur Bergman

Quinn here

For those that haven't seen it elsewhere, surgery went well. Better, in fact, than anyone had expected. The tumor was smaller than his surgeon thought it would be, and he only removed a small section of rib, maybe an inch long.

Recovery moved slower than his doc had hoped for, but after a few days of struggle, Artur was up and taking himself to the bathroom today. After some problems with depressed respiration and pain management, he seems to be coming out of it. I think a Monday discharge is unlikely, but Tuesday seems realistic now. Today his epidural was removed and he's currently snoring peacefully without the assistance of oxygen for the first time, at a blood oxygen saturation level of 92%. His father happily announced when I came back form dinner that his had inspired 1500 mL of air, which was better than the 1000 he could manage at his best yesterday. All in all, after scaring the bezesus out of me, Artur seems on the mend.

(He cheers up with visits. This isn't some kind of hint, more a direct order.)

It'll be a long road ahead. To get at the tumor one of the major muscles of the back took about a four inch cut straight through. That takes a while to heal, and is wildly painful. No stairs for a month, 6 weeks minimum off the segway, no driving, not even physical therapy for a few months. Artur wanted to appeal on the segway, but his surgeon said "I want you walking."

Pathology is expected to have an answer about what the hell the thing in his back actually was tomorrow, but they took a week last time, so I don't think any of us are holding our breath.

More news as Artur breaks,

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