Artur Bergman (crucially) wrote,
Artur Bergman

Emerging from isolation

Markus is in town, an old coworker and friend from Sweden. Having joined vmware he is here for some employee indoctrination course, down at the vmware/emc offices in south bay. He is heading back to Sweden tomorrow but drove up from the valley to out and have sushi with me, we patronized Minako which I still think is my favourite sushi joint. Being so sick and tired of the fake fancy restaurants of San Francisco, I think I need to spend more time finding small joints I like, just like Minako or Kiss.

Talking about old and dead friends was solemn but good, catching up was also good. I told him when Karl was here, his response to eating sushi in San Francisco was to declare that he had no interest in Swedish sushi anymore, and I think Markus might be ready to do the same thing.

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