Artur Bergman (crucially) wrote,
Artur Bergman

Best spam in a while

"Princesses always giggled at me and even men did in the federal comfort station!
Well, now I giggl at them, because I took M eg ad ik
for 5 months and now my member is hugely preponderant than civil.
realize [url]

trying to regain their seats in the National Congress of
No injuries have yet been reported as a result of the
the Governor-General, acting under section 4(1) of the
Scientists say that the heat source producing the
its creditors were now longer providing funds and,

Now, I want to know what a federal comfort station! is.
Is the member he is talking about a member of the National Congress? Would you want a civil or preponderant National Congressman.

Assuming that the member he is talking to about is his penis. Why does he giggl? It doesn't sound very preponderant to giggl, it seems rather weak and unmanly. Surely a preponderant member owner should be producing a deep laughter, or perhaps a desire to cockwhip them.

I am glad the preponderant member has not caused any injuries due to the actings of the Governor-General.

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