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So, obra asked me about flights

I am currently booked on the following flights. In the cases I am only planning there is a star at the end.

2005-12-23 BA0284 SFO-LHR
2005-12-24 LHR-ARN
2005-12-26 ARN-LHR
2005-12-26 VS19 LHR-SFO
2005-02-19 SFO-BZE *
2005-02-23 BZE-MIA *
2005-02-23 VS MIA-LHR
2005-02-23 LHR-ARN
2005-02-26 ARN-LHR
2005-02-26 VS19 LHR-SFO
2005-03-05 SFO-SAN* (etech)
2005-03-09 SAN-SFO*
2005-03-25 VS20 SFO-LHR
2005-03-27 VS400 LHR-DXB (virgin atlantic inagural flight!)
2005-03-28 DXB-DEL
2005-03-29 DEL-MCT-LHR
2005-03-30 LHR-AUH-DEL-DXB
2005-04-02 DXB-LHR LHR-AMS*
2005-04-03 AMS-LHR-SFO*

So, in total flight that is currently 57978 miles ...

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