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10 Days in the US

So I just spent 2 hours at the bank today. I decided to give HSBC a try since I have other accounts with them on other continents, and I am not sure if this was a good idea.

The main problem is that their computer system refused them to enter me as a customer, because clearly the type of person in my position does not exist. I lacked a social security number and a foreign address. For two months before moving here I was a person with no fixed abode, I quickly came to realise that there is a special industry that services us, and amusingly HSBC does do that too for an extra fee.

However, that didn't work here, and in the end required the head of the office to enter some magic code to tell the computer to shut up and accept the input. The redeeming factor here was that they were very accepting, sadly the computer was not. They did however waive the proof of address needed for the time being so I can now get my leased fixed without a problem.

Other than that moving to the US was much more void of friction than moving to the UK. I have an apartment set up, bank account cleared and credit cards in process of being transfered in less than two weeks.

Tomorrow I am going to try and get a social security number, that is going to be fun!

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