Artur Bergman (crucially) wrote,
Artur Bergman

This was completely and utterly brilliant.

It is the story of networking in the real world, where connections
break and peers disappear. It is the story of your ex-girlfriend
never coming back, no matter how long you wait. It is the story of
the people around you, whose lives you *are* still a part of, getting
really tired of your moping around and refusing to do any work
because you're too depressed, and you just can't help it, and you
can't do anything about it until she comes back, so you just keep
waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Until someone finally gives you
the bitch slap you so richly deserve and you black out. The next
morning you don't remember a thing, much to everyone's grudging relief.

And so it is with the Modem menulet.

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