Artur Bergman (crucially) wrote,
Artur Bergman

Information symmetry saved me $300

On a recent call with continental trying to book a ticket SFO-FLN, my knowledge of what was going on saved me $300

me: I would like to book SFO-FLN
agent: we don't fly to FLN only Sao Paulo and Rio
me: you sell tickets on GOL
agent: who?
me: Golf - Oscar - Lima
agent: let me check
agent: I can get you there on TAM but it is 3 stops
me: try G3 1908
agent: ah, okay
agent: ok, so I can get you there for $2300
me: outbound would be CO 1716 - CO 93 - G3 1908
agent: yes
me: inbound would be G3 1909 - CO 92 - CO 1436
agent: yes

me: and the price is?
agent: $2300
me: that is weird since I see it for $2030
agent: if you see a price online then you can book via them
me: no, this is fare basis CO SFO->FLN HLW3EBR for $1007 and CO FLN->SFO BLWEBR2M for $903
agent: .....
agent: found it the price is with taxes $2021

Now, I don't think this was malice by Continental, just a side effect of the complexity of the system. The same complexity which made it impossible for me to book this on any online website (trust me I tried).

I was going to do it myself in Sabre, but GOL has a weird seat request system.

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