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Merry Christmas and all that!

It's been an exciting 7 weeks or so since I came over here, everyone has really been nice to me and helped me feel welcome. From reeniecooks and kevink who made me wheat less crepes (I had no idea such things existed), to brad, dina and daveman692 who introduced me to Bill and Teds most excellent adventure, following some dodgy TV shows introduced to me by menatrott and btrott, I have really started to explore American Culture :D.

This week I had a really good night out with whitaker and henrylyne at Zeitgeist, followed be a slightly drunken Segway ride home. Also looking forward to repeating the tasty dinner that mengwong presented to us a while back.

The team is fantastic and I am sure we will do some amazing stuff, I am a bit sad that we lost mahlon and xb95, but at least xb95 seems happy with his new comet assignment and is still within the company. I do think ops work is valuable for any software engineer who works on any kind of live service. Ops people are generally under appreciated, so I won't forget to mention lisa and matthew, who are really fun to be around, especially that long long night of moving Livejournal from Seattle to San Francisco!

I am sitting here looking straight towards a Boeing 747 BA0284 That is departing for London in 1 hour and 10 minutes! Time for some relaxation!

Oh, in 15 minutes I will know if they complimentary upgraded me to FiRST or not :)
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